Important Dates

Event Date
First Virtual Contact: 02/01/2021
Weight Certification Begins: Closes 12/03/20 then opens back up on 01/19/21
Tryouts: 03/01/2021
Blackout Period: n/a
First Practice: 03/01/2021
One Scrimmage Permitted on or after: 03/08/2021
Opening Day: 03/16/2021
Two Pound Growth Allowance: 03/16/2021
Weight Certification Ends: 03/16/2021
Tournament Refusals Due: TBD
Qualifying Cutoff: TBD
Team Tournament Seeding: TBD
End of Season for 30 matches: n/a
Boys Districts Seeding: n/a
Boys Regions Seeding: 04/12/2021
Girls Regions Seeding: 03/30/2021
Boys State Seeding: 04/20/2021
End of Season: 04/24/2021
Post-Season Meeting: TBD


Event Date
Team Sectional Quarterfinals: TBD
Team Sectional Semifinals: TBD
Team Sectional Finals: TBD
Group Finals: n/a
Boys Districts: n/a
Girls Regions: n/a
Boys Regions: n/a
Boys/Girls State Individual Championships n/a