Tennis - Boys

Important Dates

Event Date
First Practice: 03/11/2024
First Scrimmage: 03/18/2024
Opening Day: 04/01/2024
Tournament Entry Form Opens: TBD
Cutoff: TBD
Conflict of Interest Form: TBD
Entry Form Closes (by 12:00 pm): TBD
Seeding: TBD
Regular Season Competition Ends: 06/09/2024
Post-Season Committee Meeting: TBD


Event Date Location
Round 1 (Groups 1, 3, NP-N) (play by): TBD Higher Seed
Round 1 (Groups 2, 4, NP-S) (play by): TBD Higher Seed
Round 2 (play by): TBD Higher Seed
Round 3 (play by): TBD Higher Seed
Sectional Finals: TBD Higher Seed
State Semifinals (Public Only): TBD TBD
State Finals: TBD TBD


Event Date Location
1st & 2nd Rounds (Singles): TBD TBD
1st Round (Doubles): TBD TBD
3rd and 4th Rounds (Singles): TBD TBD
2nd and 3rd Rounds (Doubles): TBD TBD
Quarterfinals: TBD TBD
Semifinals: TBD TBD
Finals: TBD TBD