Coaches Handbook 2020-2021

Message from Colleen Maguire - NJSIAA Executive Director

“A good coach can change a game.  A great coach can change a life.” -John Wooden

On behalf of the NJSIAA staff, I want to personally thank you for coaching our student-athletes.  Given the recent circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, your role is more important than ever before.  Our student-athletes need your support both on and off the field, court, track, etc.  Their lifestyles changed overnight, their social and emotional well-being is at stake, and some may have lost the support of close family members during the pandemic. 

While the 2020 – 2021 school year is going to look different in many, many ways, each of you can help to provide some normalcy for our student-athletes.  While there may be fewer games played, fewer miles traveled and fewer championships to play for, you all can play a pivotal role in re-engaging our student-athletes and helping them get through these uncertain times.

We all have fond memories of our high school sports playing days.  We should not let the COVID-19 pandemic interfere with the opportunity to create experiences and memories that will last a lifetime for these student-athletes.

The lessons you can teach your student-athletes this year have never been more valuable.  You will help them learn to deal with adversity, to be resilient in the face of obstacles, and to keep working hard no matter the odds.  These are lifelong lessons that our student-athletes will take with them, and they will pay it forward to the next generation of student-athletes.

Best of luck during the upcoming school year.

Kind regards,                                                                                            

Colleen Maguire, NJSIAA Executive Director