Student Eligibility

All eligibility and transfer rules can be found in the NJSIAA Bylaws, Article V, Eligibility of Athletes.


Student Eligibility Information and Forms:

The eligibility waiver request form is located under the AD's menu. 

Student Transfers Information:

The first step in the transfer process is to log in to the Home Campus Transfer portal and complete all the information required. All transfer students must be approved by NJSIAA via the portal in order to be eligible for participation.  Any student who transfers in after the start of practice date (located in the NJSIAA Quick Chart) is subject to the 30-day penalty in that sport.  Any student who transfers after the competition start date (located in the NJSIAA Quick Chart) is subject to the 30-day penalty and is ineligible for the NJSIAA post-season tournament in that sport.  When implementing a transfer penalty (30 or 22 day), the student's first day of the penalty will begin on the day of the first official interscholastic contest (not including scrimmages) of that sport.  For football, the Week 1 Competition Start Date will be used as the start date for counting the number of days a student is penalized.  Students who have a 30-day penalty become eligible on week 5 unless they participate in four (4) games prior to week 4 (i.e., weeks 0, 1, 2 and 3).  Students who have a 22-day penalty become eligible on week 4 unless they participate in three (3) games prior to week 3 (i.e., weeks 0, 1 and 2).  

Student Transfers Links: 


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