International Students

International Student Eligibility Guidelines

Applications for International Student Eligibility can be located at the Home Campus Transfer Portal.

Recent changes to the rules surrounding the eligibility of international students have been approved by the Executive Committee. A description follows:


An International student is defined as a "non-immigrant" student visitor who comes to the United States temporarily to take classes. A non-immigrant is someone who:

  • intends to stay in the US temporarily
  • does not have US citizenship or legal permanent resident status (a "green card")
  • applies for a student visa (either F-1 or J-1) to be allowed entry into the US
  • is enrolled in an NJSIAA member school for credit whose parents/guardian(s) have not moved into your school district at the time of enrollment

If a student does not qualify as an international student, then NJSIAA transfer rules apply.



  • An international student is eligible for interscholastic athletic competition only if enrolled in a member school:
    1. under the sponsorship of a program that has achieved Full, Conditional, or Provisional approval from CSIET.
    2. that has gone through the CSIET review process and achieved Full, Conditional, or Provisional approval.
    3. Information on approved programs may be found at Additionally, a member school may apply for approval as an agency. This would allow the school to accept international students that do not come through an approved agency. For further information on the approval process, go to
  • To be eligible for interscholastic competition, a student may not reside with the coach of any sport, or any other member of the athletic staff, paid or volunteer, at that member school.

For NJSIAA review, the following documentation must be included:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport showing Date of Birth
  • Transcript of scholastic record, starting with the first entry into 9th grade or 9th year beyond the start of school signed by Principal or designated with the school seal.
  • Description of student’s prior participation in any sport for participants (age 14 and above), e.g., level of activity, years of participation, to determine the student’s level of play in those countries where “high school” programs are not offered.

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