Cooperative Sports Programs

Please review the following information before completing the application:

1. A public high school can only enter into a CSP with another public high school while non-public schools can only enter into such programs with another non-public school.

2. A member school may enter into Cooperative Sports Programs with more than one other school for more than one sport; however, a member school may only enter into one Cooperative Sports Program for a particular sport.

3. CSPs involving ice hockey will allow three member schools to combine to form a tri-school CSP but their combined roster may not exceed thirty (30) student athletes.

4. The enrollments for all schools involved in a CSP will be combined for classification determinations made by the Classification Review Committee.

5. A CSP application is for a two year period with an automatic two year renewal.

6. A participating school may withdraw from a CSP during the approval period. Written notice must be submitted to the NJSIAA and other participating school(s).

7. A CSP for a particular sport will cover all levels of competition (i.e. Varsity, JV and Freshman). However, either school may establish a stand-alone sub-varsity team while continuing in the cooperative program in that same sport.

8. The LEA will be entitled to all League & Conference and NJSIAA awards; however, a disqualification will be assigned to the member school that the student-athlete attends.

9. The “participating” league or conference means the league or conference which assigns the regular season schedule for the requested sport.

10. Cooperating schools may include all school names on their uniforms.

Seasonal Deadlines for CSP Applications

Fall sports: January 15th

Winter sports: April 15th

Spring sports: September 15th

CSP Application

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CSP Approval Process

Please review Article III, Sections 10.D and 10.E of the NJSIAA Bylaws for details on the CSP approval process.