Academic Eligibility

Since its foundation in 1918, the NJSIAA has strived to maintain eligibility standards for Student-Athletes attending its member schools which assure that athletic competition is subordinate to the academic goals of its member schools. At the same time, the Association has fostered eligibility standards which equalize competition among member schools, and provide a broader opportunity for students to compete in interscholastic competition. Accordingly, the Association now maintains a comprehensive set of eligibility rules and regulations, set forth in Article V of its Bylaws, which are incorporated in the NJSIAA Handbook which is available on our website and can be accessed by all member schools each year.

Although the eligibility standards are quite explicit, the NJSIAA provides a member school with the interpretation of its eligibility decision upon request, based on individual appeals. Nevertheless, several schools have challenged both these regulations and their interpretation by the NJSIAA Executive Committee. The Commissioner of Education has now issued a series of decisions upholding both these guidelines, as well as their interpretation by the Association, and penalties which have been imposed upon member schools who have utilized ineligible athletes in interscholastic competition. In view of these developments, the NJSIAA believes that it is imperative that Principals of member schools, as well as their Athletic Directors and coaches, review the applicable NJSIAA rules and regulations and these interpretive guidelines, which merely set forth earlier published rulings by the Association. In order to reduce unnecessary litigation and at the same time encourage truly meritorious appeals to be made by students, the Association is requiring all of these local school personnel to familiarize themselves with the regulations and these guidelines and to certify that they have done so in affidavits which must be submitted to the NJSIAA Headquarters by October 1st of each year.

NJSIAA Eligibility Guidelines 2018-19

Eligibility Waiver Instructions & Dates

Eligibility Waiver Request Form

Eligibility Issues Workshop (8/14/19 and 9/26/19)