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COVID-19 Spring Guidelines

COVID Return To Play- Cardiology JAMA Article 2021

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Dean Padavan, MD NJSIAA Covid Lecture NFL March 25 final

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COVID-19 Spring Protocols

DOH COVID-19 Daily Screening Form rev 1/19/21

DOH Recommendations for Local Health Departments

COVID-19 Winter Protocols

COVID-19-Winter Guidelines

COVID-19 DOH Guidance For Sports Activities

COVID-19 Winter Officials Protocols

Virtual Workout Guidelines

Return to Play Plan - Season 4

Spring Sports Press Release

NJDOH COVID19 Guidance For Sports Activities

Return to Play Update - Virtual Contact Period

Return to Play Update - Ice Hockey update

ASHRAE COVID-19 Air Quality Guidelines for Schools

EPA COVID-19 Air Quality Guidelines

Covid-19 Fall Protocols

COVID-19 Fall Guidelines

COVID Summer Recess Guidelines

COVID Phase 1 Guidelines 7-22

COVID Phase 2 Guidelines

COVID Phase 3 Guidelines

COVID-19 Eligibility Amendments

COVID-19 Return to Play Plan

COVID-19 Winter Sports Return to Play Update

COVID Strength and Conditioning Best Practices

COVID NSCA Return to Training Guidelines

COVID NSCA Safety Checklist

COVID Questionnaire

COVID Screening Questions

NJ Department of Education Website

NJ Department of Health Website

CDC Website

CDC Quarantine Guidelines

New Jersey Travel Advisory States

Return to Play Guidance following COVID-19 Infection Infographic

Return to Play After Coronavirus Infection - Pediatric Cardiologist Perspective

COVID Training and Exercise - American College of Cardiology

COVID, Ankle Sprain Acute

COVID Cervical Strain and Sprain

COVID, Gluteus Medius Syndrome

COVID, Impingement Syndrome

COVID, Low Back Sprain

COVID, Lateral Patellar Compression Syndrome

COVID Wilson Ball Cleaning Recommendations

EPA & CDC Cleaning Guidance

EPA & CDC Cleaning Decision Tool

COVID NFHS Statement on Cardiac Considerations

COVID Cardio Pulmonary Considerations