Congratulations to NJSOA's 2021-2022 Officials of the Year!

The newly formed NJ Scholastic Officials Association is proud to honor the following Officials of the Year at an awards banquet on Sunday, September 18, 2022 at the Pines Manor in Edison, NJ!  Please join us in congratulating them for their dedication and hard work! Tickets can be purchased by visiting the Tickets tab on the NJSIAA website, or by visiting this link:  Tickets | NJSIAA

2021-2022 Officials Awards Recipients

NJSOA Distinguished Service Awards

John Zorzi

Barbara Wallace

Jim Forst

Doris Forst

Bob Abbott

NFHS Section One Award

Thomas Carr

NJSOA Officials of the Year

Joe Belger, Sr. (Baseball)                            

Richard G. Zawacki (Soccer)                                

James Tolomeo (Softball)                              

Maureen Nosal (Lacrosse-Girls)                         

Gary Thayer (Swimming)                                       

Joseph Butewicz (Track)                                                 

Frederick Moore (XC)                                                       

Tony Candelario (Basketball)                              

Richard Ranalli (Baseball)                         

Gary Parlatti (Softball)                            

Fausto Alarcon (Basketball)           

Nelson Ribon (Basketball)                    

Bill Lord (Basketball)                      

Eric Munroe (Ice Hockey)                         

Jim Zielinski (Baseball)                    

Bruce Kaufmann (Softball)                         

Harry Silverstein (Tennis)                                           

Tomasz Stusinski (Fencing)                                           

Matthew Lachman (Lacrosse-Boys)                                

Tony Tabbacchino (Wrestling)                   

Ryan Cunningham (Wrestling)                    

Dennis DiDonato (Wrestling)       

Gil Bragg (Football)                               

Nora Boyer (Field Hockey)                       

Sheryl Healy (Lacrosse-Girls)                     

William Newsome (Volleyball Boys)                  

Louis Ravettine (Volleyball Girls)

John Berckes (Swimming)                                   

Paul Williams (Track)                                          

Robert Byrnes (XC)                                                

Edward Looney (Soccer)                                

Richard Siegel (Baseball)                              

Nick Mykulak (Soccer)                                  

Paul Chardoussin (Softball)                                 

Lucy DeRiggi (Gymnastics)                                 

Emilio Portelli (Soccer)                                                 

Scott Campbell (Football)                                 

Rick Warren (Track)                          

Jacqueline Becker (XC)                                

Dave Zipkin (Softball)                           

Dave Borton Sr (Baseball)                          

Janet Schillig (Field Hockey)