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    NJSIAA will not be issuing press credentials for the 2023-2024 school year.   Members of the press must contact a member school hosting any event directly to ensure they will comply with school district policies.  For NJSIAA events hosted at neutral sites, which includes, but is not limited to, all State Championships, members of the press must complete the online form to request a credential for the event.

    Requests must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the start of the event – there is no guarantee that requests submitted within 48 hours of the event will be answered. If an event falls on a Sunday or Monday, requests must be submitted by 10am on the Friday prior to the event. Applicants will receive an email either approving or denying their request within 24 hours of the start of the event. 

    Approved members of the press will be required to check in at the event and show proof of identification to be given access to the sideline, press box and/or other designated press area.  Please be advised that any prior year NJSIAA credentials will not be valid proof of identification and will not permit access to the designated press areas. 

    Only accredited professionals representing bona fide organizations will be considered. Approved requests will provide free access to the requested NJSIAA event only and access to the sideline and/or designated, pre-determined press box area. Spouses, friends, or other individuals will not be permitted free access nor access to sidelines or press box areas.

    NJSIAA’s definition of a bona fide media organization is as follows:

    • Organization must have an established, longstanding history of coverage;
    • Organization must have credibility as a news-gathering organization;
    • Organization must have editorial oversight;
    • Organization must create original content which can only be generated by being onsite at an event; and,
    • Organization’s coverage must go beyond the distribution of in-game scoring updates.

    Please note:

    • Social media websites are not considered bona fide media organizations.
    • Weblog-based (blog) websites are not considered bona fide media organizations.
    • Organizations that are exclusively social media-based are not considered bona fide media organizations.
    • Organizations that are scouting, ranking or recruiting services, college coaches, private clubs or specialty websites that are promotional services for an activity are not considered bona fide media organizations.

    Below are the criteria that will be relied on to approve a request. Please be prepared to provide proof of any of the following items upon request.  Any request will not be approved until this information has been provided to NJSIAA. 

    Print Press:

    1. Reporters – one bylined article published within the past 30 days, and a copy of the publication.
    2. Photographers – original tear sheets or photos with credits of the issuing bona fide media organization within the past 30 days.

    Online Press (including online radio/streaming broadcast organizations):

    1. Website must belong to a recognized media organization with a specific, verifiable street address and telephone number.
    2. Website must have at least 50% original news content, commentary, or analysis specific to NJ high school sports and must be updated at least twice per week.
    3. Websites should have been in continuous operation for at least six months.
    4. Website must have your bylined article within the past 30 days that has been posted to the website.
    5. Three months of web traffic data analytics may be requested.

    Notice to all freelance staff: When you submit your event request, a copy of your request will be sent to the publication you are representing. This information must be provided when submitting your online request otherwise your request will not be approved.

    Notice to television stations: Please email with your request – these requests should not be submitted via the link below.  Proof of employment may be requested. For certain events, there may be a limit on the number in the production team.

    Notice to photographers: Any and all other photographs, or video clips, from NJSIAA state tournament events are not allowed to be commercially sold or resold in any way without the express, written permission of the NJSIAA. 

    Disclaimer:  NJSIAA reserves the right to limit the number of credentials approved based on facility-imposed restrictions and/or any public health related restrictions.  Press credentials will not be granted to anyone under the age of 18 nor for anyone’s personal, scouting and/or recruiting purposes.

    Press Credentials Application. This form is now open. You only need to request press credentials for neutral sites. If an event is at the higher seed/school, contact the school for their policy. Please note that press credentials are not needed for the following winter tournament neutral sites: Bowling, Swimming/Diving, Fencing and Winter Track.