Broadcast Rights

The NJSIAA has granted exclusive broadcast rights to all NJSIAA events to its primary and secondary rights partners, NJ HS Sports Live and NFHS Network, respectively. These rights include, but are not limited to, the creation, distribution and licensing of any NJSIAA event on any type of media platform.

The NJSIAA will grant broadcast rights to individual events that are not being covered by its primary or secondary rights partners to accredited media professionals only. Approved broadcast rights are not transferable. NJSIAA broadcast rights will provide free access to the approved event and access to either the sideline or designated, pre-determined media area. NJSIAA broadcast rights are not required to cover regular season events hosted by its member schools. No post-season games can be live broadcast without written consent from NJSIAA but please note: there is no need to request broadcasting rights for the winter 2020-2021 season. 

If you wish to broadcast a fall 2020 NJSIAA tournament event, please email your request to and include the following information in your email:

  • Sport 
  • Date of Game
  • Location of Game
  • Teams Competing
  • Live Stream or Delayed Broadcast

Requests must be received 48 hours prior to the event date.