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This form is for individual fencers who were unable to fence at the District Championships, who wish to fence at the State Championships. This petition does not guarantee entrance into the State Championships.

The NJSIAA reserves the right to adjust, change or cancel dates, times, and locations for all NJSIAA State tournaments. Schools entering the tournament will not be granted a change of date/time due to any conflicts with school trips, proms, banquets, SAT's, graduation, and the like. In addition, all schools competing in this tournament must adhere to the NJSIAA state tournament COVID-19 policy which can be found on our website under current resources or by following this link: njsiaa-state-tournament-policy.pdf

Member schools not willing or able to comply with all tournament regulations should not enter the tournament. Member schools will not be eligible to participate in any NJSIAA Championship Tournament if it has violated the NJSIAA Constitution, Bylaws, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures.

In all tournaments conducted by the NJSIAA, each member school must compete in its own group and section classification, unless fewer than eight (8) schools qualify. In that case, the Executive Committee may combine one or more groups. When the committee eliminates sectional championships because of an insufficient number of schools qualifying, the State Group Championships will be conducted on a statewide quartile basis or State Championships may be conducted without regard to Groups or Division.

Please submit this form by the date listed in the fencing tournament regulations. Please fill out a separate form for each fencer.

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Only those listed below will be permitted to accompany fencers.

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Upon entrance into this tournament, please remit entry fee of $16.00 per individual, per weapon:

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