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Athletic Trainer's Society of New Jersey

Heat Acclimatization Policy

Concussion Injury Policy

Cold Water Immersion Tub Policy

Strength and Conditioning Policy

Cold Environment Participation Guidelines

The NJSIAA offers this heat participation policy as an educational tool. It represents the “best practices” for physical activity in hot weather as determined by the NJSIAA Medical Advisory Committee. The information in the policy is useful for coaches and athletic directors supervising activities in hot weather. The policy provides guidance. The policy is not mandatory and no school, coach or athletic director will be penalized for failure to follow its guidance.
Concerns have been raised as to whether the policy applies to practices, scrimmages, games, or all three.  Please be advised the policy applies practices, not scrimmages or games.  Scrimmages and games are under the control of the game officials and site management, consistent with the authority they have always had to ensure a safe playing environment.  This policy is not meant to apply any new or different requirements to the operation of scrimmages or games. 
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