Financial Information

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Accounting Department -
Tawanda Bennett - Officials and Rulebooks
Michele Perez - Vendor Payments, Tournament Operations Reports
Anne Marie Walters - Tournament Entry Fees, Clinic and Workshop Registrations
Entry Fee Payments:
The NJSIAA invoices for entry fees after tournaments take place. If you need documentation prior to the tournaments, please use the following generic voucher(s):
NJSIAA Entry Voucher Fall 2019
NJSIAA Entry Voucher Winter 2019-2020 - Basketball, Bowling, Ice Hockey, Wrestling
NJSIAA Entry Voucher Winter 2019-2020 - Fencing, Swimming
NJSIAA Entry Voucher Spring 2020
Annual Dues Payment:
All schools are invoiced for annual dues in May of the prior school year. If you have not received your invoice, please use the link below to print and submit ASAP:
Annual Dues Invoice 2019-20
Outstanding Invoices:
The following is a list of schools with past due invoices. Please review and contact:
Tawanda Bennett - rule books and officials related payments
Anne Marie Walters - tournament entry fees, clinics, workshops, and luncheon payments
You may also call 609-259-2776 to speak with any of the above.
Sports Participation Surveys
The following schools have not yet submitted their Fall Participation Sports results:
Financial Information:
Final Audit Report 6/30/19
Final Audit Report 6/30/18
Final Audit Report 6/30/17
Final Audit Report 6/30/16
Final Audit Report 6/30/15
Final Audit Report 6/30/14
Final Audit Report 6/30/13
Final Audit Report 6/30/12