NJSIAA Student Ambassador Spotlight - Logan Germano of Barnegat

Logan Germano is a three-sport athlete at Barnegat. The junior competes in cross country in the fall, swims in the winter and takes part in outdoor track during the spring. 
He’s added another activity this year with his role as a Student Ambassador on the NJSIAA Student Athlete Advisory Council. He’s one of 31 ambassadors chosen from throughout the state who had been selected earlier this year. 
“It’s a great honor,” he said of his selection. “I’m also looking forward to bringing ideas from my peers at school.” 
Getting to know Student Ambassador Logan Germano
Favorite subject: English.
Favorite team: Dallas Cowboys.
Favorite food: Penne Vodka.
Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate chip cookie dough.
Three guests, living or dead, for dinner: Billy Joel, Tony Romo and Steve Prefontaine.
If there were 25 hours in a day, what would you do with the extra hour: “I’d probably listen to more music. Before I go to bed, I listen to music. I like listening to classic rock.” 
Favorite sports memories:  “One would be the first time I broke five minutes in the mile. Another would be when our swim team made the sectional finals. And also making the varsity in each sport.” 
Similarities between your sports: “Swimming is therapy for my legs because of the mileage from running. You’re in the air for one and in the water for the other.” 
If I had a super power...: Mind Control. “Just to mess with other people.” 
Career ambition: “I think I’d like to be a sports reporter, and also go into coaching cross country.”