Media Pass

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To obtain a credential, individuals must represent that he/she is acting on a specific assignment for a media agency and has a working function in conjunction with an NJSIAA events.
1.      Press credentials are NOT required to cover NJSIAA events. Rather, press credentials provide members of the working press admission and access to pre-determined areas.
2.      Applicants must be employed by news organizations that gather and disseminate news of general interest or about high school sports on a regular schedule, throughout the year. Outlets whose primary purpose is providing background and statistics on individual players and not news gathering reporting are not eligible for a media credential. All credential requests will be reviewed by the NJSIAA Media Credentials Committee comprised of professional journalists, NJSIAA staff and public relations counsel.
3.      Applicants must be full-time news reporters or press photographers or freelance/independent contractors.
4.      Applications for freelancers and independent contractors require:
a.      Signature of the owner, publisher or senior news editor
b.      Copies of three (3) stories/photos published by the sponsoring news organization on whose behalf the application is submitted
5.      First-time organizations applying for credentials must provide:
a.      If printed, three (3) consecutive issues of the publication
b.      If non-print, a letter on company letterhead confirming the nature of the organization’s news coverage, date established, and other information to help verify the legitimacy of the organization
c.      If an online media outlet, three months of Web traffic reports should be emailed to Liz Nodeland (
d.      The use of photographs taken by authority of this credential shall be strictly editorial and non-commercial in nature and shall be limited to news or sporting news periodicals or Web sites.     
6.    Bearers of credentials are prohibited from producing “real-time” or continuous live play-by-play or detailed accounts or continuous live statistics of the event without the express, written permission of the NJSIAA. Periodic updates of scores, statistics or other brief descriptions of the competition throughout an event is permitted. See section below for specifics regarding broadcasting NJSIAA events. 


The NJSIAA has granted the exclusive rights to create, distribute and license programming in connection with NJSIAA tournaments (and NJSIAA sporting events to the extent the NJSIAA controls or otherwise has authority to grant such rights with regard to NJSIAA sporting events) in all media currently existing or yet to be developed. This includes, without limitation, network and cable television broadcast, pay-per-view television, radio, webcasting, streaming, podcasting, distribution over wireless telephone networks, optical media including DVD, and print publications. The foregoing shall not be interpreted to restrict NJSIAA member schools from producing print publications (i.e. programs or similar) for distribution on school property during the regular season NJSIAA sports events, or to restrict the NJSIAA from producing print publications (i.e. programs or similar) for distribution during post-season NJSIAA tournaments.
Any third party seeking to create, distribute or otherwise exploit programming in connection with the NJSIAA sporting events in any media must contact the NJSIAA with a written request to broadcast.  Any request will be subject to approval by the NJSIAA’s broadcast partners and the NJSIAA Staff.   Requests should be sent directly to Liz Nodeland (
Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, including but not limited to the information above, NJSIAA member schools may broadcast regular season (but not playoff, post-season tournament, or championship) athletic contests involving such schools’ own teams or athletes, without charging any fee to any viewer or other third party, on such schools’ own commercial-free television networks, their own commercial-free websites, or on commercial-free public access television channels (provided that any agreement between an NJSIAA member school and a commercial-free public access television channel does not permit sublicense or other use of the telecast).


Michael Cherenson 973.597.5104 /


For multiple passes, do not fill out the form below. Instead please email Liz Nodeland at to request more than 3 passes for your organization. Please include samples of work for each individual applying for a pass.

Please read 'Terms and Agreement' below.

"I agree that the use of this media credential is for first amendment use only in reporting of NJSIAA sanctioned sporting events. Any and all photographs or video clips taken by the person listed on this credential will not be commercially sold or resold in any way without the proper license, obtained through the NJSIAA. Any video clips taken for news-related coverage will not exceed a total run time of 3 minutes in length. I understand that all media organizations that apply for an NJSIAA Media Credential may have their website and/or publication reviewed by the NJSIAA for improper use of photos, images and/or videos. If any photographs or videos from NJSIAA sanctioned events are commercially sold or resold without express written permission from the NJSIAA I will be charged $500 and my Media Credential will be revoked for a period of no less than two (2) years from date of infraction. I understand the NJSIAA has the right to deny any requests for media credentials and/or can limit the number of media credentials that it distributes to a Media Company or Organization. Media Credentials are non-transferable and a Photo ID may still be needed to enter the event."