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Documents posted in this section provide support materials for the Athletic Administrator and Athletic School Personnel.

Go to:  Forms & Information for Physical Forms, Membership Forms, and Participation Forms.

Go to:   Student Eligibility   Student Transfers  for procedures, clarification and related forms.

Go to:   Medical Topics for concussion, heat acclimitization, and steroid.

NFHS Hazing Resources and Prevention

S.A.T. Test Dates 2017-18

Changing SAT Test Date

ACT Test Dates 2017-18

NJSIAA Testing Dates & Tournament Date Conflicts 2017-18

Participation Limitations Chart 2017-2018

Sectional Meeting Dates and Sites 2018

Important Dates 2017-18

Opening Date Chart 2017-18: Revised August 10, 2017-Please Note Golf Start Date is 3/28/18 (Competition) as approved by the Executive Committee Jan. 10, 2018

Note:  Spring Opening Date 2018 (Baseball, Softball, Golf, Boys Tennis, Track & Field, Boys Volleyball) Saturday, March 31, 2018 (April 1, 2018 is a Sunday)

Scheduling Date Chart   2015-2021 Tentative Chart Posted 5/22/17.  NOTE:  XC, Field Hockey, Gymnstics, Soccer, Girls Volleyball Opening Date:  Sept. 5, 2017

Football Practice Date:  August 7, 2017.  Spring Opening:  March 31, 2018 (April 1 is a Sunday). Revised 8/10/17

Sportsmanship Article IX:  Responsibilities

Sportsmanship Responsibilities Charts

The GDL Game Plan for Coaches

Licensing Resource Group Contract