Training & Certification

Submitted by njsiaa on Mon, 2012-10-08 07:18

The NJSIAA Executive Committee, at its discretion may approve the certification or registration of officials and/or officials chapters in all sports, and may establish the minimum requirements for testing, training and evaluating of officials.

Candidates:  provide at least two character references and pass a National Federation Rules Examination or other comprehensive exam approved by the NJSIAA.


  1. Candidates must align with an approved chapter of officials.
  2. Chapters must designate a Rules Interpreter.
  3. Chapters must conduct meetings at which Rules, Mechanics and NJSIAA modifications are reviewed.  Members shall be required to attend three meetings annually including the Rules Interpretation Meeting.
  4. Cadet and inservice training must be established.
  5. Chapters shall develop a means of evaluating their members.
  6. Chapter Secretaries shall furnish the NJSIAA with a list of members in good standing and include payment of dues.
  7. All Registered NJSIAA Officials are considered independent contractors and not employees of the Association.
  8. Officials are required to read the NJSIAA Sportsmanship/Pre-Game Bias Statement at all NJSIAA High School Contests.

Concussion Course-Renewed Annually

NFHS Lean:  Interscholastic Officiating Course, Specific Officiating Courses (Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Volleyball) NJ-Cost $10


Shore Chapter IV Cadet Training Course 2017

West Chapter 5 Cadet Training for Field Hockey