NJSIAA Press Release: OP ED by NJSIAA Executive Director, Larry White, in refernce to A5254 & S3447/Amendments

Athletic Directors;
Bills are being amended, check out the OP ED document below by NJSIAA Executive Director, Larry Whtie.  Our efforts must continue!
Please read the enclosed document and if you are concerned about the Senate and Assembly in NJ, imposing bills relative to co-op programs, imposing and requiring home-schooled students participation etc., we urge you to read, process and distribute to all concerned who might want to have their voice heard by our legislators. The amendments were passed 12/18 in the senate on a bill posted 12/4/17, the bills could be voted on 1/4 and/or 1/8 in both houses. This would be unprecedented in NJ high school athletics, essentially dictating to our member schools what we will do, without any dialogue or exchange of thoughts and the potential negative impact on our students and our programs.
Please note this has moved at lightening speed.
The links below provide a means to contact your legislators: