ADs: Transfer Forms Will Be Interactive Beginning January 1st

The online version of the NJSIAA transfer form is ready to go! Please see links below to fill out the form interactively. You can also find these documents under the Resources section of the NJSIAA website, under Student Eligibility.
When a new student-athlete arrives in your school, you should open the new form and complete your section. An email goes to the AD of the school your new student-athlete is coming from for their completion. Upon completion, the information is entered in a database here at NJSIAA offices. Copies will follow that you may print and save, or save digitally.
Important: Student-athletes arriving from schools outside of New Jersey will still need the paper form. Our database of AD’s only covers New Jersey schools.
We will accept both the paper form and the online form for the remainder of the school year. It is our hope to phase out the paper form for July 1, 2018 for students transferring to/from NJ schools.
Thanks for your patience as we introduce this new way of recording student transfers. Send any feedback to Mike Zapicchi at [email protected].
Link to directions for AD’s
Link to online form: