The 2015 NJSIAA Advisory Committee Takes Action

The 2015 Advisory Committee met at 12:30 pm on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 and moved the following proposals as presented by the membership! These proposals will be presented to the NJSIAA Executive Committe on May 6, 2015 for a vote and if approved at that time will be presented for Legislation to the full membership for a vote at the Annual Business Meeting in December! 


1.  Wrestling Individual State Tournament:  Creation of 4 non-public school districts and 1 additional non-public school region.

2.  Choice for the Start Date of the 2016 Fall Season and beyond for a permanent change: 

     A.  Football practice starts on Wed. 8/10/16 and first game permitted Thursday, 9/1/16.  All other fall sports practices start on Monday, 8/15/16 and first game permitted Thursday, 9/8/16.

      B.  All fall sports practices start on Wednesday, 8/10/16 and first game date is Thursday, 9/1/16.         

3.  Beginning 2016, the start date for the winter season for the sports of Basketball, Fencing, Winter Track and Field and Wrestling would be the Monday before Thanksgiving with a shutdown period from Thanksgiving Day until the Monday after Thanksgiving.  The three days prior to Thanksgiving WILL NOT be permitted to count as part of the six days needed before scrimmages may occur.  The Monday after Thanksgiving will start as Day 1 of the pre-season count.

4.   There shall be a non-public football conference, consisting of all non-public member schools that participate in the sport of football.  Non-conference play between public and non-public members shall be at the discretion of each school.

5.  Amend the 30 Day Transfer Rule:  closed enrollment, open enrollment schools defined.  Any transfer involving an open enrollment school of a varsity student, 30 day sit and no state tournament play.  More Details to follow on the specifics.  This proposal will be presented to the Executive Committee by the Public/Non Public Committee at the May Executive Meeting for the "fast track" approval process by the Executive Committee in May and June.  If passed, at both meetings it could go into effect July 1, 2015.  If approved the full membership would have the opportunity to vote, 6 months after implementation. 


From Article XII of the NJSIAA Constitution

Section 1. Any member school of the Association may initiate an addition, deletion or any other change in the Constitution,
Bylaws or Rules and Regulations by submitting such proposal in writing prior to March 15. All such proposals shall be considered by the Advisory Committee before May 15, and those proposals which have been endorsed shall be forwardedimmediately to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall endorse or reject each proposal submitted by the membership, and any proposals made by the Advisory or Executive Committee prior to June 1. All such proposals endorsed by the Executive Committee shall be distributed to the membership prior to November 1.

When a proposal by a member school has been rejected by the Advisory or Executive Committee, the school which submitted the proposal shall be notified on or before June 1. If the proposal is resubmitted with the endorsement of twenty (20) member schools prior to October 1, it shall be included among those proposals sent to the membership prior to November 1.

Prior to November 15, at least four (4) sectional meetings of the Association shall be held for the purpose of explaining the legislation pending before the membership. After thorough discussion, the Executive Committee shall recommend the form and substance of the legislation to be placed on the ballot at the Annual Meeting. Proposals which have been resubmitted with the endorsement of twenty (20) member schools, shall be presented as written by the proposing school to the membership for a vote.