Swimming Classifications for 2014-15

The 2014-2015 Public Swimming Classifications have been posted and are awaiting review.  Due to recent legislation, the sport of swimming is now classified as both sport specific and gender specific.  The Public Men's Swimming Classification includes the Co-ed Teams (numbers doubled for enrollment).  A Swimming Co-op which is also Co-ed would be:  add the two schools' enrollments, then double that enrollment figure if it is a co-ed team.

This is only as accurate as the responses to the inquiries made by Don Danser throughout the month of August.  Please alert [email protected] and [email protected] of any issues relative to the Co-ed programs or any other swim issues.

Both the Public Men's and Women's Swimming Classifications are now grouped into 3 Groups:  Group A, Group B, Group C with 4 sections in each (North I, North II, Central and South). 

The Team Swim Championship Format will be conducted with the 8 entries/section/group.  Seeds 1 and 2 will receive byes in the first two rounds; Seeds 3 and 4 will recieve and bye in the first round;.  Opening round of swim will be Seed #7 at Seed #6 for the opportunity to swim Seed #3; Seed #8 at Seed #5 for the opportunity to swim Seed #4.  The winner of the 6/7-3 will swim Seed #2 and the winner of the 5/8-4 will swim Seed #1.  Winners swim for the Sectional Title.  Original Seeds will be based on Power Points.

The Non Public Swim Classifications will be pre-set and statewide:  Non Public A and Non Public B but separate by Gender.  8 Teams will be seeded in Non Public A and 8 Teams will be seeded in Non Public B based on Power Points. 

Please review the Swim Rules Committee Minutes for further Clarification.