Athletic Directors: Login Now to use School Manager and AD Forum!

Attention all New Jersey High School Athletic Directors: 

Go to (you are here now) and Click on the Green Login-Schools, Officials, Media in the upper right hand corner and follow the instructions below!

There are instructions for New (summer 2014 or not in the NJSIAA data base) Athletic Directors and separate Instructions for the established, veteran Athletic Directors!

Thanks to Don Danser for the detailed guidance.

You will only have access to School Manager (school and contact information) and the Athletic Director Forum if you have logged in!

Only Athletic Directors have access in this initial phase.

Comment from Ken Blekesk, AD :  You may want to remind everyone to check the settings in their email to have messages from the Forum ([email protected]) as an approved sender. All of the messages from the Forum were going to my spam folder until I made the change.